Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry provided by the general dentists of Vista Smiles offers our anxious patients a more comfortable way of achieving their dental goals, often in only one visit. You will be conscious, and no IV needles will be used. Feel confident that you are in good hands. Sedated patients are monitored at all times by staff and doctors with the advanced training required by South Carolina.

Sedation dentistry offered by the general dentists of Vista Smiles helps eliminate some of the anxiety and fear you get when thinking about going to the dentist. On the day of your appointment, a companion of your choice will need to drive you to our office. You arrive in a relaxed and drowsy state.


From this point on, a member of our team is always with you at all times, and your vital signs are monitored throughout the entire visit. Once your treatment has been completed, you will be released to your dirve companion for your return trip home.

We offer sedation dentistry to our patients for a variety of reasons. You're a likely candidate for sedation dentistry if you have significant anxiety about going to the dentist, and that fear is keeping you from receiving the treatment you need. You might also consider sedation dentistry if you have had a previous traumatic dental experience, a bad gag reflext or difficulty with needles or numbness.

To learn more about sedation dentistry in Columbia, South Carolina, please contact our office today at 803-779-9666